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Useful Websites for Students

Featured on this page are links to useful websites for students. All can be used on a computer and some can be also used on a handheld device.  There are suggested student years below each link.

Minecraft - Hour of Code

There are 4 different Mincraft inspired coding activities using the Blockly programming language.

Years 2 - 6


Make Your Own Sports Game - Hour of Code

Using the Blockly language, you will design your own sports game.

Years 2 - 6

The Grinch - Hour of Code

Using the Blockly programming language, you will help The Grinch to capture all the Christmas presents to deliver them back to Whoville.  

Years 2 - 4


Moana - Hour of Code

Help Moana become a wayfinder by dragging and dropping the correct sequence of codes and running the program.

The blocks format is a good beginners introduction to coding. 

Years 1 - 6


Reading Eggs

An excellent literacy website that children enjoy. Students will need log in details from their teacher.

Years K - 6



A popular maths game set in a magical fantasy world of wizards. Students need an account to play. There is the option of a free account (your teacher may have set you up with a username and password), or a monthly paid subscription. 

Years 1 - 6


Google Logo - Scratch

"Create you own Google logo" is an activity where you can use your creativity and imagination to bring the Google logo to life using the Blockly programming language. 

Years 1 - 3


Building a Galaxy with Code - Hour of Code

With the option of using the Blockly or Javascript programming languages, this coding activity is great for all ages. 

Blockly - Years 1+

Javascript - Years 5+ 


Frozen - Hour of Code

Join Anna and Elsa using the blockly programming language as you navigate increasingly harder tasks. You will need an understanding of using a protractor to measure degrees.

Years 5 - 6

Make a Flappy Game - Hour of Code

Use the Blockly programming language to make your own flappy game. There is also the option of adding the completed game to your iPhone. 

Years 2 - 6 

Angry Birds - Hour of Code

Using the Blockly programming language, students work though increasingly harder mazes inspired by Angry Birds.

Years 3 - 6  



A useful website for students to practise their literacy and numeracy skills.

Years K - 5 


Code Combat

Use the Python programming language to navigate a fantasy world. There is the option of making a free account to save your progress, or simply play without one. 

Years 3 - 6


Bot Logic

Using simple commands, players program their bot to navigate through progressively challenging mazes. This coding game will help develop logic and spacial reasoning skills. 

Years 3 - 6


Crunchzilla - Code Monster

Learn to use Javascript programming language to create coloured shapes. Begins easy and gradually becomes much harder. 

Years 5+